The Framemakers Art Gallery

Since 2014, The Framemakers has dedicated wall and window space to celebrate creative works by local and regional artists.

Now until January 13th, 2018, come see our Hearth & Home gallery display!

Many of these pieces are on sale. Need a great gift idea? Try original art by local artists!

Acrylics, Pen & Ink, books, cards, and T-shirts by JA Pollard

Egg Tempera and prints by Nathan Allard

Photography by Allen Francis Foley

Watercolor by Pam Dubois

Photography by Peter Hubiak

Acrylics and knits by Bonnie Hayward & Weavings by Rachel Marsh-Sachs

Earrings by Greta Joseph

Earrings by Patricia Avin

Small Window Display


Large Window Display


Display Case

Gallery Guidelines

Are you an artist interested in displaying with us? We'd love to see your work! Following is our gallery guidelines.

1. Spaces are available in two-month intervals.

Shows usually run from the 15th to the 13th of the months below. A few days difference may occur based on weekends, holidays, or staff availability.

We have wall space, two storefront windows, and a display case.

Wall spaces can roughly hold the equivalent of five 16" x 20" framed pieces. Relatively, the smaller the pieces, the more you can display (12-19 8" x 10" pieces); the bigger the pieces, the fewer. See photo examples of past displays for a better idea about amount of work.

Our display windows can hold a large amount of artwork; we recommend you stop by and see for yourself. Artists are encouraged to create dynamic window displays using both the wall and floor space, incorporating props and even showing work in progress. We have some easels and pedestals for use. Let's talk about what you need.

We will hang all 2D wall art. We typically exhibits 5 to 6 artists per rotation. Artists may reserve two spaces in a rotation.

2. Providing samples

If you are new to the Framemakers, please present samples of your work, a link to an online gallery, or e-mail images to for consideration. The samples you present must represent the work you wish to display. Please keep artwork at a tasteful level: no erotic or violent images. Tasteful nudes are acceptable. Final decisions about what is included lies with The Framemakers.

3. Costs per two-month rotation

This fee goes toward promotion and helps fund the reception (food, drinks, live entertainment) for all the artists involved. For works that are sold, the split is 70% artist / 30% gallery. Artist checks are issued at the end of the rotation.

4. Discounts

While on display, artists will be given a 10% professional discount on any custom framing of their artwork. (WAAS and CSA members will continue to get their usual discount).

5. Hanging requirements

Artwork must meet framing standards for hanging in a gallery. While we do not require artwork be framed by us, we do ask that artists adhere to our high quality standards on their framing. Frames and canvases must be wired and ready to hang (i.e. with two eye screws and steel wire). Saw-tooth hangers, "clip" frames, easel backs or unstable frames are not acceptable for installation. Metal frames must be like the Nielsen-style locking system. Mats must be clean. Works that fail to meet these specifications will not be accepted.

6. Artist identification

Pieces should be labeled on the back with the following information: artist's name, title, media and price (remember to factor in the Framemakers 30% commission).

7. Insurance

Insurance/inventory forms are required for all pieces of art and must be revised if an artist changes out artwork.

8. Labels

Framemakers will create wall labels from your insurance/inventory form to match the labels on the back of each piece.

9. Dropoff

Artists must deliver their work two or three days before the rotation start date. ALL artwork must be delivered at the same time. This enables us to hang your work cohesively, maximizes our curator's time, and allows us to adhere to advertised exhibit dates. Artists may bring a couple of extra pieces to replace work that sells. These extra works will be placed in safe storage and will fill the space as needed.

When delivering artwork, you are encouraged to provide an artist statement and/or bio, printed on 8.5" x 11" paper (or e-mail it to us before delivery) and business cards. Our customers love to take business cards!

10. Reception

We host an artist reception on the second Friday of the month following installation to promote the exhibit. Receptions are from 5:30-7:30 pm and include food, refreshments, and music. These events are excellent exposure for the displaying artists and usually draw a large crowd. We welcome you to invite your friends and family!

11. Advertising

We will promote the artists' work on local event pages, social media sites, as well as print media (when applicable) and encourage you to share the event with your own e-mail and social media contacts! To assist in our promotional designs, please send a short description of your work and one to two high resolution images to our shop e-mail preferably a week before show start.

12. Pick up for artwork is by the 13th of the month.

If you are unable to pick up at the appropriate time, call ahead to make short term storage arrangements at 207-872-8927. A storage fee may apply. If the 13th falls on a Sunday, then pick-up will occur either Saturday or the following Monday.