Our annual Summer Block Party is an event where members of the community are issued plain old 5 x 7 wood blocks, are given four months to do something creative with them, and bring them back to The Framemakers for a grand summer display.

Barbara Chase Barnyard Animals
Dragon and Cyclops

We love child art!

Origami and Shells

These blocks are decorated with real origami, sand, and seashells.

Pick up blocks NOW! Deadline June 30. Show runs July 16 through September 13, 2018, with a reception on August 10, 5:30 to 7:30 pm at The Framemakers, 46 Main Street, Waterville Maine

Imagine and Hope

Sticks, rocks, shells, and metalworking adorn these stained blocks.

Dried flower pots on little shelves

Dried flower pots on little shelves.

Children's book illustrations

Children's book illustrations

5 x 7 blocks are available at the Framemakers for $1 each (cash or check only). Limit two blocks per person.

Fairy Houses

Fairy houses on painted backdrops!

Toad and Oranges
Stick and Button

Be creative! Draw on your blocks, carve them, make a diorama, paste photography on them, wrap them in string, whatever your creative mind thinks of! Return your finished blocks to the Framemakers by June 30th, and we'll put them in our gallery.


Adhere your artworking tools to your artwork!

Shiny metallic glitter paint

Shiny metallic glitter paint.

Mischievous kitten dioramas

Mischievous kitten dioramas.

This show is open to people of all techniques and skills. Not an artist? This is a good way to start! We encourage participation from the entire community, kids and adults.

Abbott Meader hills

Two blocks used to build a snowy cabin diorama, and a porcelain pop-up spring scene.

Cherry dove

Each artwork will be priced at $45. $30 goes to the artist, and $15 goes toward the Waterville Area Art Society's scholarship and program funds.

So don't be "board" this summer. Be creative and have fun with us!

Block Party display

Our Block Party window display.

Heart bag

Think outside the block!


Brian put his two blocks together and pasted a colored-pencil Bluette over them.