The Framemakers Art Gallery

Continuing Our Commitment to the Artists, Artisans, and Crafters of Central Maine

Since 2014, The Framemakers, in downtown Waterville, ME, has dedicated wall and window space to celebrate creative works by local and regional artists while contributing to the creative local community.

We maintain two gallery models: the physical gallery, which we curate both here at the shop and a satellite gallery at Selah Tea Cafe, and an online gallery. We change our physical galleries every other month.

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2022 Maine Open Juried Art Show

MOJAS is back! We're proud to be hosting the 2022 Maine Open Juried Art Show, presented by the Waterville Area Art Society! MOJAS is open to all amateur and professional artists, 18 years and older, living in Maine — including part-time residents and college students. Each artist may submit up to two pieces of their original artwork for a non-refundable registration fee of $35.00. All entries must be submitted digitally by Monday, February 21, 2022. All entries will be juried digitally for acceptance into the show. Selected artwork will be judged in person for determination of awards. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent to all entrants via email. We look forward to your participation as we Celebrate Art in Waterville!

Our Featured Artists

Stay tuned - more to come!

Artwork by Patricia Binette

Patricia Binette

"I must have an emotional connection to my work; my inspirations come from life experiences and deep reverence for the environment.”

Artwork by Bunny Caldwell

Bunny Caldwell

A Maine native and a retired educator, art has been an important part of her life. Bunny loves to experiment with all mediums; watercolor is her current favorite.

Artwork by Barbara Chase

Barbara Chase

Barbara is a plein air artist, with a style described as impressionistic, with a touch of realism. She paints what she likes, acknowledging the beauty in nature.

Artwork by Susan Cruz

Susan Cruz

"I am inspired by the sunrise and sunset, the beauty of flowers, and the colors of nature. As I paint, I love to play with colors and allow the colors flow into each other."

Oil Paintings by Gary L. Davis

Gary L. Davis

"As the eye and your brain come together to view the art, it allows the artist to share his vision of the subject."

Artwork by Sheila Gilbert

Sheila Gilbert

"My love of nature and beautiful things has been my teacher for many years. Mountains, Oceans, Gardens, and Snow on Evergreens have all helped me in imagining faraway places to be visited or viewed on Canvas."

Ecoprints by Mimi McCutcheon

Mimi McCutcheon

Mimi continuously explores the use of new materials and techniques, creating works that are rooted in tradition but carry a unique and contemporary flair.

Weavings by Rachel Marsh-Sachs

Rachel Marsh-Sachs

"We do not weave only a cloth — we weave our true self." — Misao Jo, founder of the Saori Weaving Philosophy

Artwork by Ann Rhinehardt

Ann Rhinehardt

Exploring organic forms using mostly transparent pigments, allows my viewers to peer through the layers of color, gaining a glimpse into my process.

Illustrations by Brian Vigue

Brian Vigue

"I remember first walking into [The Framemakers] in 1998 with a drawing of a crystal ball lady representing that year's Arts Fest poster. Seeing how the image had become "historic", I wanted to get it preserved forever."