Framemakers Portfolio

A selection of the many fine pieces we've built
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A stunning, heartfelt piece: a wedding invitation with dried floral arrangement in back. A Larson-Juhl moulding made with real seashells and three layers of gold fillet accent the piece.

Antique pistol shadowbox complete with brass plaque. This particular firearm is a single-shot flintlock pistol, recently given to an officer by his unit upon his retirement. We are not only proud of this design and the engineering behind the design, but also proud of and grateful for the client, recepient, and their unit gave in service to our country. A truly reversible piece, the gun is secured with wire to forms made of green suede mat. The top frame is held on by strong rare earth magnets and clasps on either side.

Downtown Waterville. A special frame for the original artwork that serves a dual purpose. One, an historic piece with informational news article framed within. Slide the mini-frame inside, and you get complete focus on the artwork suitable for art shows! The product consists of three frames: top, bottom, and inside. The top and inside frames were built and fitted using standard procedures, and the bottom frame holds all the inner-workings. Rails were formed out of pine in which the inside frame slides along. Magnets and canvas clips hold the drawer in place and maintain stability. Careful shallow cutting and tearing of the mat produced a nice deckle. And this is still Brian's first year of being a framer!

Child's heirloom dress. These projects are so much fun from start to finish: designing a concept while learning the stories behind these mementos, the challenge of how to construct the frame to best accommodate the piece while maintaining preservation standards, putting it all together and creating a stunning centerpiece for any room... and witnessing the expressions and emotions when the client picks up their heirloom. This dress was sewn onto neutral linen with some batting to puff out the sleeves; a stacked frame (two frames joined together to form a shadowbox) from the Hudson II collection, with a Biltmore fillet (the gold inner frame), both by Larson-Juhl Custom Frames, finishes the piece, with Tru Vue Museum glass.

Police memorabilia. Here's another shadowbox that was a wonderful challenge to tackle. To show the entire hat without distorting or damaging it, we created a shadowbox to accommodate half of the hat (hidden behind the backing through a slit) and used a UV-treated acrylic box to handle the rest. We're proud of the end result.

Ticket and DVD cover. A sweet piece done here that was gifted to a young, up 'n coming filmmaker. Got an idea? Come in and see us. We love getting creative! Client response: "This looks beautiful! Thank you for making this amazing memory for my son. You always do memorable work!"

Spice up that diploma with your accomplishments! Add your tassel, academic and sports letters, pins, even your class ring - make it your own!

Check out this beast - a map of the Alps, seven feet long! We had to splice the map (which had been printed into two segments) so we worked with the existing seams. UV acrylic and the Anvil moulding from Larson-Juhl Custom Frames finished off the piece! This was a grand project from start to finish!

Brian's "Ophelia's Crossbow Wings". This presentation combines digital artwork with a gold crossbow sculpture. The moulding is a hybrid of Larson-Juhl Custom Frames Anvil rivets embedded inside a 15-profile gold metal Nielsen to give the effect of a double metallic fillet, only no fillets were used. Wiring on the back is diagonal to compensate for the extra weight on the left.

Another one of Brian's creations. A fillet is a narrow frame accent available at our shop. The one used in this frame is a satin brown style, but he got radical and installed it upside-down as the unfinished bottom works better with the plywood canvas. Natural bark was carefully arranged and glued onto the fillet so no adhesives touch the artwork. Everything about this job is modular; it can be easily disassembled to its original state.

Another lovely original painting with a custom and colorful stacked frame (four layers!) We delight in fun and challenging projects!

She found the perfect oval frame for her labour of love and trusted us to put it all together. We love making smiles and memories that last. What can we do for you ?

A fun little project and a gift for our Waterville Public Library. It's a donation bin that looks like a leather-bound book! Promotional material goes on the left, while money gets dropped into the right. Both backs are removable to empty the money and change out the promotional material at will. The condition was to use whatever materials we had available. We had just enough whitewash hardwood that was perfect because it looks like book pages. The whitewash cap is accented by a thin burl moulding, and then we found some old leather-pattern matboard that completed the look perfectly.