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Many moulding and matting combinations to choose from!

You can pick up a photo frame from just about anywhere. However, choices and quality are limited. In a custom frame shop, the options are expanded greatly. A multitude of ready-made photo frames in a wide variety of colors and styles are available. But the selection does not stop there: how about adding a mat, or adding conservation-grade Museum glass instead of regular picture glass? Maybe you have a canvas that doesn't require glass, or a favorite poster you want to protect. No matter how you look at it, framing not only accents the picture but protects it. Whatever the reason, the Framemakers can help you find the best way to accent and protect your keepsake.

Conservation Framing

Conservation framing utilizes archival techniques to minimize the chances of fading and discolouring of your artwork from exposure to UV light so that they will last for generations. Pictured are the same print; the top is the original colour, the bottom was exposed to indirect sunlight. Conservation framing will slow down the fading process in normal light conditions.

We take the uptmost care in using the right materials as recommended by the Fine Arts Trade Guild for family heirlooms, needlework, limited edition reproductions, original artwork, and other precious and irreplaceable items. We are a standing member in the Professional Picture Framers Association, (PPFA) an international organization dedicated to upholding a high standard in quality and preservation of custom picture framing.


With our computerized matcutter, we can create original and exciting designs. Sometimes we will get a request for a mat that's really personal, really special, and really far out. Customising a mat can be as simple as a double mat or as complex as -- well, we're still trying to find that limit.

Mat spacers and bevel accents for added depth, v-grooves and lines to add richness, different style openings for a taste of the wild side -- many combinations to choose from!

Drymounting and Laminating

These methods use a heat-activated process to adhere the artwork to the backing board to prevent warping or rippling. This is an acid-free but non-archival process. We recommend this for open-run prints, posters and other reproductions. If the piece is an antique or highly valuable work of art, an heirloom, or something you wish to resell, we would advise against dry mounting as it devalues the work.

Lamination is recommended for posters and photos with no monetary or sentimental value to hang without a frame or frame without glass. The lamination we use is UV-resistant and is available in matte and lustre. Using lamination is permanent, and we would not recommend laminating original artwork and signed & numbered prints.

If you decide to mount and laminate without a visible frame, a support frame (pictured) is recommended. This is a simple wood frame adhered to the back of the artwork, granting stablity and preventing twisting and bowing of the backing.

The Right Glass For Your Keepsake

We proudly use Tru Vue glass in our shop, and recommend Museum glass for ultimate clarity and protection. An alternative to glass is acrylic glazing (commonly referred as Plexiglass or Plexi). We recommend this option when a piece is too large to safely handle glass, if the piece is being shipped, or if the piece would be in a high-traffic area.

Fitting Department

The fitting department is the final step in custom framing. This is where everything fits into place. Here, we make sure that the mat is properly attached, the artwork hangs correctly, the glass is debris- and scratch-free, and the wire is secure. We use a variety of archival-grade tapes catered for each individual piece.

Fitting may also entail sewing for articles of clothing, lacing for cross-stitches, and many other creative methods. Canvas stretching is the process where the canvas is stretched over bars to create a taut but flexible display. This is mostly used for paintings and canvas prints.

Once we are satisfied with our work, we place the Framemakers sticker on the back. We are proud of our work and strive for perfection.